• Mitt Romney Impersonated a Police Officer Back in College

    Over the years, Mitt Romney has worn many hats. He's worn a pro-life hat and a pro-choice hat. He's worn a brightly-colored gay-friendly hat and a dark foreboding not-so-gay-friendly hat. He's worn the finely-tailored silk riding cap of a multi-millionaire and the gas-station-bought threadbare baseball cap of the working man. He's even worn the black cowboy hat of a criminal

    And, as we're just finding out, back in his college days he wore the dark-blue head gear of a police officer. Literally

    When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer – a crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. And he had the uniform on display as proof…

    Said [fellow student Robin] Madden in a recent interview, "He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father," George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers. "He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler."

    In Madden's recollection, confirmed by his wife Susan, who also attended Stanford during those years, "we thought it was all pretty weird. We all thought, 'Wow, that's pretty creepy.'"

    I don't actually think this revelation is particularly relevant to this year's election, but I am thinking that my presidential slash-fiction is about to get a whole lot more interesting…

    His senses still wrapped heavily in a thick verdant blanket of marijuana smoke, strong and taut Barry Obama pulled his car over to the side of the road. His heart pounded in his chest as he watched through the rear view mirror as the tall lean young man in police officer blues approached his car. Once there, the officer motioned with his hand for the window to be rolled down. Barry rolled the glass half-way down and coyly asked, "How far down do you want it?"

    Officer Romney leaned leaned over, flashed a winning grin and commanded, "Go all the way down."

    Barry was helpless but to obey.

    Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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