• House Dems Reveal Socialist Scheme to Increase Minimum Wage

    Capitol DomeThose Democrats just can't go a day without slamming down their fists down on their Little Red Books and adjusting their Trotsky glasses and screaming Socialism! to their pagan gods in atheist heaven, can they?

    In their newest wealth redistribution gambit, they're hoping to raise the minimum wage to a whopping $10 an hour

    [Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.] said his bill, the Catching Up to 1968 Act, is needed to help low-income workers "catch up" to inflation, which he said is eating away at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. He also said it would give these workers more income and boost overall demand for the struggling economy.

    "The bill will affect more than 30 million workers and give the economy an immediate boost by significantly increasing aggregate demand," he said of his bill, which would impose the hike immediately. "Most economists that I've talked with said there was no economic reason to increase it incrementally over a couple of years."

    Let's see… $2.75 over a 40 hour work week is an extra $110. Over 52 weeks, that's $5,720. For 30 million workers. That's $171.6 billion. Are Congressional Democrats really proposing the annual transfer of $171.6 billion from noble and wise job creators to baseborn and dim-witted job havers? I mean, these are minimim wage workers we're talking about. I doubt they could even tell a dressage horse from a quarter horse. What are they going to do with $171.6 billion? Piss it away on Jerky Boy records and Cheetos, no doubt. Whatever the commoners do to wile away their existences.

    Here's my proposal: Let's take that $171.6 billion and give it to the Koch Brothers. And to Mitt Romney's friends. And maybe some corporations. For safe keeping! That way, in case those minimum wage workers ever need it — I mean, really need it — we know where it is.

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