• Mitt Romney Is a Man Without a Home (State)

    If Mitt Romney manages to surf Barack Obama's current wave of bad news and plunging poll numbers all the way into office in November — which is starting to look like a real deal possibility lately — he'll most likely do it without the benefit of winning¬†any of his three home states

    [N]ever before has a presidential candidate written off their home state. Or all of them, in Mitt Romney's case.

    Despite headquartering his campaign in Boston, the former governor of Massachusetts isn't going to win his home state this fall. More significantly, he isn't going to try.

    Ditto California, the state where he owns a beachfront La Jolla home complete with a $55,000 car elevator. And likely Michigan, the state of his birth, where his father served two terms as governor.

    If he can do it, he'd be only the second winning presidential candidate to accomplish such a feat. James Polk managed it back in 1844, but he did it while only losing two home states. So, Romney would be the first president to get the hat trick.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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