• Newt Gingrich Says "The System Is Rigged for the Wealthy"

    Everybody relax! Just calm down! It's all going to be alright. Lest you worried that Newt Gingrich might be forced into some actual self-realization, that has all been averted. He has successfully managed to rationalize away his not currently being the Republican nominee

    "It is very difficult in America today," he told MSNBC's Al Sharpton. "If you look at New York where Mayor Bloomberg spent an extraordinary amount of personal money to buy the mayor's office for the third time. It is fairly hard to compete with a billionaire if — if they get to spend all the money they want and the middle-class candidate's raising money in $2,500 units. So I think the current system is rigged, frankly, in favor of the wealthy."

    Oh, it's because he's so "middle-class." That makes so much sense! You know, "middle-class" people nation-wide are suffering, and it just makes sense that a "middle-class" guy like Gingrich would be hurting in the same way. Just look at the huge his his speaking fees have taken of late. I'll bet most "middle-class" people have experience the same problems.

    Well, my heart goes out to him. I hope that he's able to find something at Tiffany's that will take away some of the sting.

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