• John McCain and the Porky Feral Pigs

    If anyone understands humor, it's John McCain. That's why when he recently sent out a string of tweets listing the ten most ridiculous Farm Bill pork barrel projects, number six was the issue of feral pigs. In case you're not following, pork comes from pigs. See, this is why Arizona elected John McCain State Comedian.

    The problem is feral pigs actually are a huge issue for farmers, much more so than some of the other projects, like a provision to help the popcorn industry. What a waste. Want to save popcorn? Start a recycling program for movie theatre floor droppings.

    In case you think this is a joke, here are the numbers

    Feral pigs cause about $400 million in property damage each year in Texas along. The national figure is much higher. Mississippi State's wild pig information site notes that a "conservative estimate of the cost of wild pig damage to agriculture and the environment in the United States currently stands at $1.5 billion annually." That's like three Solyndras! Feral pigs spread diseases, they're bad for business (especially if you own a farm or a golf course), and they're bad for just about any species that's not a feral pig because they're a non-native invasive species. They're also pretty big polluters.

    Not so funny, eh? John McCain may have a great sense of humor, but he was elected to solve problems, not make jokes. That's where I come in. But while I'm at it, here's a solution as well: Subsidize the bacon-flavored popcorn industry.

    You're welcome, John McCain. You're welcome, farmers.

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