• Republican Colorblindness Stymied by People Who Insist Latinos Aren't Asians

    Pity the Republicans. They are so prejudice-free, so colorblind, that they don't see race. Pollsters routinely tell them that their party is monolithically white, but they have no way to confirm this, beyond acknowledging that their affinity for mayonnaise and dressage horses makes it likely that this is so.

    The Republican commitment to colorblindness and anti-racism extends into the realm of Hispanic outreach. When a Republican looks at a Mexican-American, they do not see "race." They see a gardener. And a potential Republican.

    But leave it to race-obsessed liberals to ruin the fun

    In an effort to court Latino voters, the RNC's Spanish-language outreach website installed a prominent photo of adorable Latino children as its main image. Or at least that's what the RNC thought the photo depicted. It turns out the kids aren't Latino at all.

    In an embarrassing mix-up, US News and World Report discovered that RNCLatinos.com used a stock photo apparently depicting Asian children on the site. The image they chose is tagged by its creators with such terms as "asian," "thailand," "japanese" and "interracial," as are dozens of related photos by the same source featuring Asian preschoolers playing in parks.

    The RNC has since blamed an outside contractor for the mix-up, which shows just how hard it is for Republicans to win. Hire a competent contractor you're forced to get rid of him because "I'm running for office, For Pete's sake, I can't have illegals." Hire a documented contractor, and it turns out "basic website design" is another job Americans can't do competently.

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