• Mitt Romney Amazed by Convenience Store Technology

    mitt romneyWhile Republicans have coalesced around Mitt Romney as their nominee, he still faces an "enthusiasm gap," with many parts of the Republican base — evangelicals, Tea Party adherents — volunteering their support as merely a means to defeat Barack Obama. A successful candidate needs more personally committed supporters to bring him victory.

    Finally, after months of searching, Romney has found his base in the most unlikely of places: a convenience store in Cornwall, Pennsylvania

    What inspired him: A computer at Wawa that allows customers to type in what they want on a sandwich, as opposed to ordering it through a human cashier. It was a technology, he said, that had been fostered by competition — competition he said the federal government lacks in delivering its services to Americans. He said the government's lack of competition and bureaucracy was hurting the United States in keeping jobs that are moving to other countries.

    But more than anything, Romney seemed blown away by the Wawa computers, which he raved about.

    "You press a little touchtone key pad… You touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, and there's your sandwich," Romney said. "It's amazing!"

    Get a room, you guys!

    It's somewhat disconcerting to watch a man who stands a good chance of assuming responsibility for advanced spy satellites and killer robot drones being so impressed by somewhat dated grocery store technology — an incident reminiscent of George H. W. Bush's¬†allegedly¬†revelatory encounter with a supermarket scanner.

    But you can't fault Romney for finding common ground with a Wawa sandwich computer. They were both built to make it easier to part middle-class people with their money, live in service to large corporations and are programmed to give their customers whatever bullshit they wish to swallow.

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