• GOP Waiting for Romney to Tell Them What They Think on Immigration

    As John Boehner has pointed out, Barack Obama's recently-announced immigration policy, regarding young illegal immigrants "puts everyone in a difficult position." Because, on the one hand, Yuck, Mexican people! But on the other hand, Oh, they didn't just hear me say that yuck thing about Mexican people, did they? You can see the pickle that Republicans are in.

    What makes matters even worse is that Mitt Romney has yet to say whether he's opposed to the President's policy because it goes too far or if he's opposed to the President's policy because it doesn't go too far enough.

    Things have gotten so bad that Senate Republicans have been reduced to something approaching earnestness

    "Both the presidential candidates, both the incumbent and the challenger, are going to be addressing this issue Thursday at an important meeting of Hispanic-Americans. I think most of my members are interested in learning what Governor Romney has to say about this issue, and we're going to withhold judgment, most of us, until that time…

    "I think we’re going to wait and see what Governor Romney has to say, and then our members are going to be discussing his views on this, and I think many of them will have similar views."

    Oh, you think? That'd be a pretty funny coincidence, wouldn't it? "Oh, how odd! I feel pretty much exactly the same way he does. Wait, what did he say again?"

    Now, as soon as somebody is able to tell Mitt Romney what he thinks about this, we should all be good to go.

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