• West Virginia Democrats Secede from the Convention

    Obama is in big trouble. Several prominent West Virginia Democrats have decided to protest the President's policies by skipping the Democratic National Convention this September. And as every student of U.S. politics knows, "As Appalachia goes, so goes the nation." It was true for overalls and meth mouth, and it's true for presidential politics

    Sen. Joe Manchin, Rep. Nick Rahall, and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin all said they would avoid the convention, which will take place in Charlotte, N.C. this September. They are concerned that links to President Barack Obama could hurt their re-election chances.

    In his defense, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin says he has a problem with both Romney and President Obama. Not just that neither candidate can spit chaw without it dribbling all over their elitist chins, but other important stuff that have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that one is MormonĀ and the other is black.

    Breast your race card, liberals! This is not about racism. Obama lost West Virginia to Hillary Clinton by 41% in 2008 and a white prison inmate got 40% of the primary vote earlier this year, but that doesn't mean bigotry has this state by the short hairs.

    Maybe a Republican will have a different take…

    West Virginia GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas said, according to The Hill, "We all know the only reason they're refusing to attend the DNC Convention is they're afraid to tell the people of West Virginia who they support for President, and any attempt to suggest otherwise is political spin aimed at purposefully misleading the voters," said West Virginia GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas in a statement.

    Wonder what they're afraid of? Will a group of angry voters burn an Obama "O" into their lawns?

    Considering that West Virginia seceded from Virginia during the Civil War to be a part of the Union, they sure have come a long way, baby.

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