• Don't Say "Vagina" or You'll Get a Timeout

    For those outraged by the one-day speaking ban placed on Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown after she used the word "vagina" during a debate over an anti-abortion bill, one Michigan Republican has come to soothe your children.

    It's okay to treat female legislators this way, because they are just overgrown children

    But her colleague, State Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City), said Republican leadership's decision to silence Brown was no different than putting a child in timeout.

    "It's like giving a kid a timeout for a day," he told Lansing radio host Patrick Shiels. "You know, hey, timeout, you wanna comment too far, you spoke your piece. We're gonna let these other people have their dissenting comments, and then we'll get back to business."

    I hope this makes everyone feel better, since it's the closest we'll get to seeing a conservative lawmaker support government-subsidized day care.

    Unfortunately, this still leaves the question of what constitutes Republican-approved, appropriate terminology for female genitalia in our most vagina-shaped of states. Michijayjay? Michivag? Fortunately, Schmidt's colleague in the Michigan House of Representatives has the answer.

    According to the Minnesota Nurses Association, Frank Foster (R-Petoskey) was canvassing a southside Lansing neighborhood when he entered into a heated discussion with Julia Smith-Heck, an MNA staffer. Not wanting to offend childlike female sensibilities with offensive terms like vagina, he allegedly called her a "c-word."

    No, not that "c-word." The less offensive kind.

    Photo by Brian Charles Watson/Wikimedia Commons

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