• Mitt Romney Will Bury Barack Obama Under a Gigantic Pile of Money

    Mitt Romney isn't the most charismatic candidate. Or the coolest. Or the most relatable.

    But what he does have is an enormous mountains of cash — huge piles of ever-growing campaign donations from wealthy friends to whom he has promised lower taxes after he's in office and undeclared SuperPAC stockpiles of contributions from billionaires seeking to parlay their vast fortunes into political power.

    If there were only some way to use all that that as a substitute for having an actual campaign strategy. Hmmmmmm… If only

    "It’s just like the Cold War. They’re going to force Obama to spend himself into oblivion — while trying to peel off constituencies like the Eastern Bloc," said a Democratic strategist, citing lingering vulnerability with blue collar workers and potential Republican gains with hispanics. "The only question is which [constituency] will be the first domino."

    As the Obama campaign launches multi-million dollar TV blitzes to shore up support in left-leaning states, Romney and his conservative allies continue to fill their war chests.

    "There's no way they'll be able to keep up. Our SuperPACs are our Star Wars, if you will," said a Republican operative close to the Romney campaign.

    It's about time rich people finally get a champion. They've suffered so long, this is way overdue.

    Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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