• The Inequality of Wealth Distribution in America

    Everybody knows that rich people are rich and poor people are poor. That's why we call them "rich people" and "poor people," respectively. Otherwise, we would simply call them "people" and "protein sacks."

    But how many people actually understand just how rich rich people are and how poor protein sacks are? According to a recent Harvard study, not very many. Most Americans, it would seem, don't fully understand the scale of inequity between the top 20 percent and bottom 20 percent of U.S. citizens, as is shown by this graph from Mother Jones

    I stared at this for a good long while, trying to figure out what seemed off about it. Then it hit me, there's a whole section of the graph missing…

    You can't really tell, but the other 80% are squooshed together there all the way at the right side. My apologies, but they don't make pixels that small.

    (via The Maddow Blog)

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