• One of a Kind Candidate: Greg and Bobbie Gallas, School Board, Rochester, MN

    Let's just go straight to Rochester, Minnesota's Post-Bulletin, since they are doing a fine job at the jokey blog post thing:

    You've heard the story before. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married, have children and then run for and win seats on the Rochester School Board.

    The newspaper does not lie. Greg and Bobbie Gallas are both running for seats on the Rochester, MN school board. Not the same seat, that would make them weird, passive-aggressive marital monsters. They're just normal Minnesotans campaigning as a couple to take over almost a third of the local school board. However, Minnesotans pride themselves on being Minnesota Nice, but which is actually passive-aggressive–bordering on sociopathic–behavior. Kill them with kindness, if kindness is arsenic-laced Tater Tot hotdish.

    "We're not going to fight that we're not husband and wife because we are," a Gallas (who knows which one) told the Post-Bulletin. You see what I mean? Passive and respectful and honest. WHAT DARK SECRETS DO YOU HIDE, MINNESOTA?

    Also, it turns out there are other candidate couples. Romance in America is approving agenda minutes every other Tuesday at the municipal center, capped by a fundraising fish fry. Meanwhile, back in Rochester, the Gallases share a campaign website and will share campaign staff (their kids, maybe?), but they have separate donation tabs on their website. That's going to be awkward. We all see that, right?

    Photo via Greg Gallas' Facebook page

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