• Barack Obama Trying to Buy Your Good Will with Ice Cream

    It would seem as though Barack Obama and his insidious Democratic strategists have found a way around the old "no giving away free ice cream to voters outside the polling place" rule that's stymied politicians since the Ice Cream Act of 1974.

    In a flash of devious brilliance, it hit them: Just buy ice cream for voters several months in advance and at an ice cream store

    President Barack Obama made a surprise stop at an ice cream shop at the University of New Hampshire on Monday and offered to pick up the tab for surprised patrons.

    "My treat, now," he said, according to a pool report. "This is legal. I could not do this in front of a polling place, buy you ice cream. But I can do it here."

    It’s unclear if anyone took him up on the offer. The president took pictures with stunned customers at the Dairy Bar and proffered birthday greetings for one. "Can I buy you some ice cream?" he asked.

    If there's anything that going to undermine the tenets of democracy, it's free ice cream! Voters are powerless before it's sweet lush cooly refreshingness. Stunts like this rot the pillars of society out faster than the creamy confection rots out the teeth of those who would be swayed. This is an outrage!

    That said, if people are giving it away anyway, I'll take mint chocolate chip. In a bowl, not a cone.

    Photo by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

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