• John Roberts' Secret Plan

    John RobertsWhen Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the court's liberal wing to uphold the Affordable Care Act, I jumped to all sorts of conclusions. Was he drunk? Had single-payer activists kidnapped one of his children? Did he finally read the Constitution?

    But none of those are true. Instead, it appears this ruling may have been what conservatives wanted all along

    With Thursday's defeat, Republicans were handed a powerful tool for motivating their base and a fresh ammo clip for use in House and Senate races across the map. It removed one arrow from the Democratic quiver — the prospect of an outraged and highly motivated base — and provided a new one to the GOP by defining the mandate as a tax.

    Nice try, guys. But just because Roberts found the law constitutional under Congress' taxation power — rather than its commerce regulation power — it doesn't change the fact that expanded health coverage for Americans will only be possible if more people are required to buy health insurance. Surely people can see that, right?

    Let's ask Dr. Keith Ablow

    ObamaCare is a terrifying trap. Under the guise of "helping" and "healing" and "caring" for Americans, it reminds them how vulnerable they are to illness.

    Right. I forgot how Hodgkin's disease only gets people who know it exists.

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