• Spice Up Your Sex Life with Throw Pillows!

    Have your between-the-sheets sessions gotten a little tired? Too much of this and not enough that? Why not add some zing to your zoinkering… with throw pillows!

    * Toss a few rose-colored throw pillows on the bed to boost the romance quotient!

    * Slide a throw pillow under your rear while getting frisky to change the angle of entry and open up new possibilities of sensation!

    * Challenge your guy to a fun and sensual throw pillow fight in the bedroom!

    * Hide naughty notes beneath throw pillows and leave them around the house for your special one to find!

    * Caress one another with throw pillows. So many different textures!

    * Place a throw pillow in the freezer during foreplay. Then, just before you're ready to go all the way, remove the throw pillow and use it to caress his manhood!

    * Serve each other chocolate pieces on a throw pillow! (Opt for a darker colored throw pillow.)

    * Spend a few minutes giving names and ascribing personalities to all of your throw pillows. Then position them around the bedroom for some safe but sexy exhibitionist fun!

    * Go shopping for new throw pillows with your fella. Afterwards, have post-shopping sex!

    * Pile some throw pillows up against the headboard of your bed. Then lean back and enjoy a night of television-watching and cuddling!

    Photos by Leslie Thomson, Anne Naumann/Flickr/Getty Images; Trinette Reed/Blend Images/Getty Images

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