• 4 Quick and Healthy Substitutes for Mayo

    Sure, mayonnaise is delicious, but it can also add a lot of unnecessary calories to a meal. For example, did you know that just one jar of the creamy white condiment can contain up to 9,600 calories?! That's 2.7 extra pounds on your bathroom scale tomorrow morning.

    Why not try one of these more healthful alternatives?

    1. Hummus - Next time you're making a ham sandwich, mix things up by spreading a dollop of these exotic Mediterranean treat on your bread. Ciao, bella! 

    2. Less mayonnaise – Instead of stirring a whole bunch of mayo into your tuna salad, try using half as much. It's still delicious and has approximately half the calories!

    3. White paste – They say that presentation is half the experience of eating. If that's so, then is is sure to do the trick. White paste looks almost exactly like mayonnaise. In fact, maybe ultra-thin photographers use it as a mayo-substitute when shooting food on set.

    4. A banana – Bananas are super scrumptious and contain a mere fraction of the calories found in a 30 oz. container of store bought mayonnaise. Here's a hint: Throw it in the freezer for a frozen summertime treat!

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