• 7 Reasons You Should Start Dating a Curler

    1. They're disciplined. Even Olympic curlers have commitments beyond their sport. If they can wake up at 5:30 am for practice before work, they probably have the kind of self-discipline that's essential for a successful relationship.

    2. You can hook up with them on the ice. Just grab a throw pillow to ward off the frostbite.

    3. They know how to clean up (in bed). Athletes are health-conscious, eat well and keep themselves in fighting shape. Translation: They'll have the energy to keep up with you. If a curler's bedroom were a restaurant, it would get raves on Yelp. "Exceptional, and what attentive service!"

    4. They know how to clean up, period. To score big in curling, these elite athletes mop the ice with specially-designed brooms. All the more reason to score with them.

    5. Their attire. Who doesn't love a man or woman in uniform? Best part: You can borrow their pajamas after the match is over.

    6. Instant turn-on: cheering them on. Whether you're at a sports bar or the ice rink, it's extra-fun to watch sports when you're watching the one you love.

    7. They're probably Canadian. Or at least Scandinavian. If you're tired of dates who aren't polite, here's your answer.

    Have you ever dated a curler? What did you love about it?

    Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

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