• 8 Pictures of Kale

    EVERYONE who is anyone is talking about kale nowadays, so we put this photo gallery together to make sure you don't make a fool out of yourself again by confusing it with Swiss chard.

    Move over boyfriend jeans, kale is the new "must have" this season. Only this trend also cleans out your colon!

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    Kale is the superfood's superfood! When a broccoli or orange get cancer, it's usually because they didn't eat enough kale.

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    Chips are bad for you. Instead, make kale chips and dip them in nacho cheese. YUM!

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    Kale is also whimsical. Plant it in your garden and pretend you're a huge giant stomping through the forest. (Replant as necessary.)

    (Photo by Photo by Arco Images/De Cuveland Justus/Getty Images)

    Due to its popularity, kale is relatively inexpensive. In fact, sometimes people will just walk up to you and try to hand you some, like this guy.

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    Kale is also inexpensive because the workers who pick it are paid in the Vitamin D their bodies generate from being in the sun all day.

    (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

    No wonder everybody loves kale: Its heart (top) and blood (bottom) look just like ours!

    (Photos by Patrizia Savarese/Digital Vision/Getty Images Bottom; Eco Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

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