• 9 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Iowans

    Ashton Kutcher

    Everyone's favorite That '70s Show star may be the golden boy of Hollywood today, but did you know that he was a boy on the golden plains of Cedar Rapids, Iowa back in the actual '70s?


    Lara Flynn Boyle

    This sexy Red Rock West star made her career on The Road to Wellville, but her Happiness all began in Davenport, Iowa.


    Elijah Wood

    He may have traveled across Middle Earth to defeat the dark side of the force, but this half-sized celeb started his journey in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


    Michelle Monaghan

    This dark-haired stunner made her name in Ben Affleck's predecessor to The Town, but the town that preceded her Hollywood fame was Winthrop, Iowa.


    Kate Mulgrew
    Just like her fellow starship captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek: Voyager's Captain Kathryn Janeway was born and bred on the rolling corn fields of Iowa – Dubuque, Iowa to be exact.


    Annabeth Gish

    How's the Mistic Pizza in  Cedar Falls, Iowa? Let's ask this Beautiful Girls star whose family moved there when she was two years old.


    Jake Johannsen

    This internationally renowned funny man and nominee for "Best Male Stand-Up Comedian" of 1994 hails from Iowa City, Iowa, the home of the Iowa Biennial Exhibition for contemporary miniature printmaking.


    David C. Hilmers

    That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Iowan-kind! This four-time space-traveler may have been born in Clinton, Iowa, but don't call him a Clintonian — he considers DeWitt, Iowa his actual home. Go Sabers!


    Ron Livingston

    Ron Livingston starred as Peter Gibbons in Office Space and was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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