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    Let's face it, the economy sucks. Women everywhere are finding it harder to justify spending thousands of dollars at the spa when some Americans can't even afford to eat the food on their plates. If you're one of those women who feels bad for poor people but still wants to be pretty, here's a beauty secret that will feed your hunger to save money: food facials.

    You probably don't know this, but the stuff that gets squirted onto your face during a professional facial is the same stuff that's in food, but like on a molecular level. Ancient women like Cleopatra and our moms knew the beauty benefits of food even before science was a thing. That's why they used to bathe in milk and wash their hair with egg yolks.  That's also why older women smell a little funny. But thanks to modern times, anyone can can make food facials that smell, look and taste delicious.

    With science in mind, we decided to conduct an experiment. Over a one-week period we had our interns put their faces where their mouths are! Kirstal, Ane, Devin and Chynuh were tasked with putting every meal they ate on their face for ten minutes to see what foods made their skin better.

    Some made their skin glow, some didn't do anything and one resulted in a skin graft (You're such a trooper, Devin!). Here are the exciting results…

    Kirstal: I'm a lacto-vegan. When my boss told me I had to do this experiment, I said, "OK. I'm a lacto-vegan." Then I told him what that was, which is a vegan who sometimes eats cheese. Because I'm a lacto-vegan, this challenge was pretty easy for me. BEST FOOD FACIAL: Fruits and vegetables (chew them up first!). WORST FOOD FACIAL: Brown rice with Braggs Liquid Aminos seasoning. It mostly just fell off of my face and stained my skin.

    Ane: I'm trying to lose weight for swimsuit season (Ugh!), so this assignment was perfect. I ended up losing 10 pounds in five days because it was so hard to eat the food off my face. I have a small tongue. On the last day, my boss told me I'd misunderstood and didn't only have to eat the food on my face. I was embarrassed at first, but now all the girls in the office are going on this diet. BEST FOOD FACIAL: The best food facial for tongue-challenged individuals is definitely Greek yogurt. WORST FOOD FACIAL: Diet coke.

    Devin: Being a man means eating a lot of meat. While I've heard that putting steak on a black eye helps heal it, I wasn't sure if the same was true for a cooked steak. Unfortunately it wasn't. I also shouldn't have ordered it with spicy peppercorn sauce. The waiter was pretty surprised to see me pick up the steak from the sizzle pan and put it directly on my face. It hurt, but you live and learn, you know? BEST FOOD FACIAL: Aloe, although it tastes gnarly. WORST FOOD FACIAL: Grilled meat.

    Chynuh: Food is especially important to me because I'm part Cherokee/African-American/Indonesian/Peruvian/Icelandic. Also, I guess I have perfect skin because one time I went to the dermatologist and he told me I had perfect skin? Anyways, my skin still looks perfect so I guess it worked. BEST FOOD FACIAL: Hákarl. WORST FOOD FACIAL: Sriracha hot wings.

    There you have it! Have fun finding your favorite "foocial".

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