• The Pitjazzle: Jewelry for Your Underarms

    When we first heard about pitjazzling, we thought it had to be a joke. Nope: It's a (real!) sexy trend that's taken Hollywood, London and Paris by storm. For those who have already bedazzled their hoo-has with Swarovski crystals and exotic furs, underarm jewelry offers a way to think "outside the box."


    The Next Vajazzling?

    "Now that the Brazilian is passe and vajazzling is mainstream, women want new ways to make themselves feel special," says Amy Reinhardt, proprietor of Elegance Salon and Spa in West Hollywood, CA.

    Like its bare-with-flair counterpart in down-there landscaping, pitjazzling begins with a full wax. Customers can then choose from patterns like a rainbow or a heart or ask for a custom design. Crystals with an adhesive backing are applied in the desired shape and last up to two weeks.

    "Flowers remain the most popular selling design, but nothing beats bedazzling your pits with your boyfriend's initials," according to Reinhardt.


    Not Just for the Ladies

    Just as male penazzling took off soon after the launch of its lady-parts counterpart, pitjazzling is gaining popularity among men — but with a twist.

    "Many of our male clients have already added extra shine to their family jewels," explains Reinhardt. "To add more jewelry to their underams would be overdoing it."

    The solution is a new line of furs, tailored to fit the underams and applied with special adhesive by a trained technician, to replace the unsightly hair that naturally grows up there. Many salons offer all-natural fur products that will last for a minimum of a week. But these looks don't come cheap — the "Beary Dangerous," a fur sourced from the endangered Asiatic Black Bear, clocks in at $1000. For the budget-minded, Elegance Spa also offers the "Lush Grass" look — especially popular with eco-conscious types.

    So what do you think about a bejeweled or be-furred underarm wax — love it or leave it? How would your guy or gal react?

    Photo by Lucy Lambriex/Flickr/Getty Images

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