• The Scary Truth About Greek Yogurt

    Greek yogurt is rich, creamy and packed with energy-boosting protein — up to 10 grams more than standard yogurt varieties, depending on the brand. No wonder it's become the #1 breakfast choice for thousands of Americans, not to mention a go-to afternoon snack.

    But this dairy delight has a dark secret.

    A new study conducted by researchers in New York City reveals that Greek yogurt may cause dizziness, headaches and nausea when consumed shortly after drinking 1.5 to two bottles of wine.


    Are You at Risk?

    Study participants were women in their twenties and thirties. None of them reported serious pre-existing conditions, but several were nearsighted and wore corrective lenses. Approximately one-third of the participants owned cats and another 15% said they would own a cat if not for allergies.

    Researchers noted that the wine subjects consumed fell in the $9 to $12 price range.


    A.M. Agony

    Per study guidelines, the women sipped their vino between the hours of 8 p.m. and 1 a.m., hitting the sack around 2 a.m. Upon rising five hours later, they chowed down on their usual morning fuel — good old Greek yogurt.

    Except this time it wasn't so good. Sixty percent of study subjects felt sick within fifteen minutes of finishing the yogurt. Of those, 18% vomited. Half the women in the study experienced a mild to moderate headache, dizziness or both within an hour of waking — a time frame that coincided with their yogurt consumption.


    Bottom Line

    You don't need to give up Greek yogurt — at least not yet. More research is needed to understand the link between Greek yogurt and women who drink 1.5 to two bottles of wine. If you're worried, reach for another high-protein breakfast — like canned sardines — after a night of drinking.

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