• Finally! Herman Cain Has His Own Web TV Channel! [VIDEO]

    You wanna know the problem with regular mainstream "liberal" television? There's too much anti-American unpatriotic garbage like Modern Family and Ice Road Truckers, and not nearly enough cartoons about hideous Ronald Reagan-creatures berating Barack Obama-things. Or cleverly-devised fables about freedom-loving Tyrannosaurus Rexes named "Tex." Or terrifying documentaries about insidious Mexican people from Mexico.

    Thank American God, because now we have CainTV!

    "They think we are stupid," Cain declares in a trailer for the channel posted online Monday. "We are not stupid."

    The "they" Cain is discussing might be the "mainstream media" slammed in the new channel's description on its official Facebook page. The channel promises to feature "critical reporting” as well as "the humorous and fun side with shows comically sending up the events and news of the day," according to the page.

    If this trailer is any indication, this channel should be just the thing to stop people from thinking that Cain and his people are stupid. A job well done!

    CainTV is set to launch tomorrow, on July 4th, marking the second most important event ever to occur on July 4th.

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