• Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Bake-Off

    No magazine has done more to advance the women's movement than Family Circle. Since 1932, the magazine dedicated to women's issues has been synonymous with feminism. That's why they've held a First Lady cookie bake-off contest during every election of the past twenty years. If you think baking cookies is just for Presidents of the United States and other powerful men, you are sorely mistaken.

    Men may be biologically predisposed to put delicious ingredients into a mixing bowl and bake them to perfection for their family to enjoy, but Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney are proving they too have the chops to make it in this male-dominated world. For instance,  Michelle Obama's recipe calls for white and dark chocolate chips, a very aggressive move that one would normally attribute to a masculine cookie.

    Ann Romney's M&M's cookies, on the other hand, are a strong but feminine choice. They transcend mere emulation of male baking, which is the direction feminist baking has been moving towards. Romney wants to prove she can wear a pantsuit and bake a cookie just as well as Mitt does.

    Ann Romney explains her view on the new female cookie

    Mitt and I love spending time with our children and grandchildren. Whenever we get together you can be sure that we’ll mix up a batch of our family favorite M&M’s Cookies. They smell delicious coming out of the oven — our grandkids can't resist them!

    It remains to be seen how the public will react to the candidate's wives challenging the status quo. Historically, Americans prefer to see presidential wives in a more traditional role. This was demonstrated in the backlash that followed Hillary Clinton's back-to-back bake-off wins in the 1990s, after which conservative women found it hard to relate to her brazen ability to make cookies.

    One thing is for sure: Romney and Obama are showing men everywhere who wears the apron in their families.

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