• Mitt Romney Outraised Barack Obama by $35 Million in June

    Mitt Romney once again won the fundraising race in June, pulling in $35 million in thirty days. $35 million? I've gotta say, that's kind of underwhelming. Sure, $35 million is a lot of money to raise in one month, but this is Mitt Romney we're talking about here. He should have raised…

    Oh, wait a minute. Oh. I misread that. Looks like he raised $35 million more than Barack Obama. That's not underwhelming at all. That's actually quite whelming. Quite whelming indeed

    For the second month in a row, President Barack Obama's vaunted fundraising operation fell to Mitt Romney's, as the president was outraised by about $35 million in June

    Earlier today the Romney campaign announced its $106 million haul, split with the Romney Victory joint fundraising committee. The campaign announced that they received more than 500,000 donations — their best month of the year — and that they now have $160 million cash on hand.

    I suppose his time at Bain Capital might be a net positive for Romney after all.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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