• Most of Country Thinks U.S. Is Worse Off Under Obama

    Do you think that things have gotten better or worse since Barack Obama has taken office? I personally am on the fence. On the one hand, we have huge improvements to the health care system, gays can openly serve in the military, and we did not fall into a Mad Max-type post-economic-crash apocalypse.

    On the other hand, somebody stole my bike a few weeks ago. Nobody ever stole my bike under George W. Bush. So, I just don't know

    According to the new survey from the Hill, 1 in 5 self-identified Democrats said that the country has changed for the worse during the Obama administration. Overall, 56 percent of all likely voters see the changes to the country since Obama took office as negative, versus just 35 percent who view them positively.

    To be totally fair, I don't recall ever seeing any "for the better"s on any of those "Change" posters. So, you know, nobody can say that he didn't deliver.

    Americans have less faith in Mitt Romney than Obama to leave a lasting mark on the country, with just half of respondents saying they believe the presumptive GOP nominee would orchestrate significant change.

    Finally! A pathological inability to formulate an opinion on any topic can be highlighted as the political asset I always knew it could be…

    "I will leave no lasting mark on the country!" – Mitt Romney's new slogan

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