• Alaska Candidate Evicted from Ballot Due to Homelessness

    Alaskans are proud people. Strong carriers of of nation's pioneer spirit. There's nothing so much to take pride in as a person's ability to make something of themselves. To build his or herself up from nothing and becoming an upstanding pillar of society and a paragon of the American will to succeed and thrive at all costs!

    Just don't bring that shit around the state house

    A Republican House candidate who claims to have been homeless and living in the back of her pickup while dodging the cops in Muldoon has been ruled ineligible for office on residency grounds…

    [Barbara] Bachmeier, a real estate agent and Army veteran who says she has a stress-related disability, now owns her own home in [Alaska's House District 13], which also includes a portion of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

    But for about two of the 12 months necessary to establish her residency in the district, she said she lived in a camper shell on the back of her truck with two cats and a third "service animal" of a species she wouldn't identify.

    "I knew I could run for the House and represent these people well because I have experienced homelessness as a product of the VA not helping me," she said.

    That's ridiculous! A camper shell on the back of a truck is at least as genuine a residence as the igloos that I've been led to believe most Alaskans lived in.

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