• Democrats Discover That Attack Ads Work

    Despite the general sayings of nay from naysayers within the Democratic Party, it would appear as though the Obamateam has stumbled upon an unlikely but winning campaign strategy.

    Apparently, making your opponent look like a heartless Montgomery Burns-type millionaire tyrant will have some negative effects on his popularity

    Three quarters of those battleground state voters who say a political ad has shifted their opinion in the presidential race say they now support Obama and 16% say they are leaning towards Romney, according to the USA Today/Gallup Poll released Monday.

    Priorities has committed at least $10 million on ads airing in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those ads include one which charges Romney profited heavily when companies owned by his financial firm went bankrupt.

    "Priorities USA's recent ad campaign on Romney’s record as CEO of Bain Capital had a clear negative impact on perceptions of Romney across a variety of metrics," the memo reads.

    This obviously flies in the face of the conventional Democratic wisdom that the best offense is to stand perfectly still and wait for everybody to realize how good at standing still you are.

    But I'm thinking they can maybe use some combination of the two.

    Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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