• New RNC Website Highlights Obama's Outsourcing Skills

    Hey guys! There's a new website on the Internet! I know! Exciting, right?! I love when they release a new one of those things.

    This one is called "Obamarama Occupied." Or, no. Um, it's "Obanamara Overdrive," I think. Hmmmmm… Maybe it's "Oberlin College Outing Club." No, that's an older website. Just as exciting though!

    Anyway, it's something like that. Close enough at any rate

    The RNC website is labeled "Obamanomics Outsourced," and focuses on "how Obama shipped the recovery overseas." It is a catalogue of how U.S. taxpayer money spent as part of the $831 billion economic stimulus in 2009 went to foreign-owned companies, or to companies that hired workers overseas…

    The RNC site has examples of U.S. jobs being outsourced to 22 countries. General Electric, which got more than $1.2 billion in stimulus funds, is mentioned more than once. There is a claim that a British private equity firm, Terra Firma, "received over $40 million in stimulus funds through an American wind consortium it bought just days before the stimumuls [sic] funds were awarded."

    Okay so, every news article I've seen about this has stated that the website was created by the RNC in an attempt to turn the conversation around and get people talking about how good Barack Obama is at outsourcing jobs to other countries instead of talking about how good Mitt Romney is at outsourcing jobs to other countries. But I'm not totally convinced.

    Has anybody checked to make sure that this wasn't secretly put up by the Obama people, hoping to eat into Romney's support base by highlighting the President's strong conservative ideals?

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