• Sarah Palin Tells Mitt Romney to Set Hair on Fire

    Back during the GOP primary, Mitt Romney made it clear that there was little he wouldn't do to be come the nominee. He could track rightward on immigration, hide from his record as a reforming governor who once shamelessly provided health insurance to Massachusetts residents and repudiate his previously moderate stances on social issues.

    But some things are sacrosanct. While his policy positions have moved to the right, his hair has never moved. Ever. And he certainly was " not willing to light [his] hair on fire to try and get support," in part because defoliation may reveal that he's a unicorn.

    Not every Republican is satisfied with this anti-pryo policy. Take this statement, which is apparently authentic Sarah Palin despite being recognizable as English…

    "Romney, he has said before that he doesn't want to have to light his hair on fire. Well, there are a lot of his base supporters, independents who are saying, 'Well, light our hair on fire, then! Remind us how important it is that we get engaged in this presidential election because it is the election of our lifetime,'" Palin told Sean Hannity of Fox News.

    On the down side, Palin probably meant this literally. On the bright side, we may finally learn whether or not Callista Gingrich's moon helmet is flammable. No doubt, the former Alaska governor has more advice for the Romney campaign, but I'm not sure what it might be, because I followed Palin's lead and quit reading about halfway through.

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