• Rush Limbaugh and NAACP Reveal Joe Biden's Secret

    Citing a scheduling conflict, Barack Obama chose not to speak at the NAACP conference today, sending Joe Biden in his stead. Let's see what the President had on his calendar that would keep him from speaking to the most venerable civil rights organization in America…

    Wow, that's… not very busy. This must be one of those days where the President is focused on nuzzling people and protecting job-killing lizards, rather than doing his job.

    Perhaps there's an alternative explanation. Always keen to improve the state of American race relations, Rush Limbaugh explained that Mitt Romney was jeered because he's white, while his speech was ill-received because the remarks went "over these people's heads." Let's see how "these people" responded to the Vice President's appearance

    Biden received sustained applause throughout his address. When he spoke about civil rights and administration efforts to expand voting rights and not diminish them, the crowd stood up and loudly cheered. When Biden said, "Did you think we'd be fighting these battles again?" people in the crowd answered in unison, "No."

    Biden said there was a lot more he could say on protecting voting rights but that he was "preaching to the choir." "Say it, say it," many in the crowded responded. As Biden was wrapping up, he said, "Let me close, my friends," prompting members of the audience to boo and yell, "No!"

    Okay, so they did boo him a little… for closing out the speech, but the general response was overwhelmingly positive. I guess if we're going to trust Limbaugh's analysis — and why not? — Obama must have sent Biden because he wanted the NAACP to hear from the nation's first African American Vice President.

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