• Barack Obama Defends Bain Capital Attacks on Romney

    barack obamaIf there's one thing that people in Washington cannot abide, it's an attack that seems to be working. Especially if it also seems to be based in real life. Bonus hate points if it makes rich people nervous

    President Barack Obama said in an interview that aired Friday "it is entirely appropriate" to further scrutinize Mitt Romney's time at Bain, adding that "there are questions that have to be asked" about the Republican's record at the private-equity firm.

    Obama said that since Romney's "main calling card" for the White House is his private-sector experience, it's important for American voters to know exactly what his work at Bain involved.

    I don't know. Still seems kinda wrong to me somehow.

    I mean, you don't see conservatives endlessly pouring over minute details of President Obama's life prior to his time in public sector politics, going over the same points over and over and over until you want to pull your hair out and stick your head in a bucket of vinegar, do you?

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