• Condoleezza Rice vs. Actual Shiny Trial Balloon

    With Mitt Romney's relationship with Bain Capital at the center of a controversy in which it appears very important to determine whether Romney was a chronic tax-advoider who made millions investing in firms that outsourced jobs until 1999 or if Romney was a chronic tax-advoider who made millions investing in firms that outsourced jobs until 2002, it was time for someone to create a distraction.

    Along came The Drudge Report to claim that there's a new frontrunner to be Mitt Romney's running mate: Condoleezza Rice.

    But is the Condi rumor really the best the Romney camp can do to distract the media from lesser topics (I mean, c'mon, who among us hasn't forgotten when we were CEOs of major firms?)? Neither are going to become vice president, but you can decide whether Rice or an actual shiny balloon would have made a more worthwhile distraction.

    Mitt Romney Condi Rice Shiny Balloon
    * Only supports the abortion of his previous opinions on abortion. * Pro-choice. * On abortion and other issues, willing to go wherever the wind takes it.
    * Unclear where he spent the years 1999-2002. Doesn't like to talk about it. * Spent 2001-2002 helping to plan the Iraq War. Doesn't like to talk about it. * Spent 1999-2002 doing Bar Mitzvahs. Doesn't like to talk about it.
    * His money has extensive foreign policy experience. * Former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State * Has traveled wherever the wind has taken it.
    * Reminds people of the guy who fired them. * Reminds people of the Bush Administration. * Reminds people of birthday parties!
    * Can distract people with the squareness of his children's jaws. * Can distract people with classical piano technique. * Distracts people because it's shiny.

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