• Heroic Democrats a Little Less Discriminative of Women Than GOP

    Capitol dome, Washington DCLiberals online have recently been proudly pointing to the results of a new survey that show that, when it comes to paying female staff members, Republican politicians seem to be a little more brazenly unfair than Democrats

    In both parties and chambers, female staffers earn less than men on average — the gap is as wide as 86 cents to the dollar for female staffers for Senate Republicans, and as narrow as 97 cents to the dollar for women staffing House Democratic offices.

    Those gaps translate to a difference of about $10,000 in average annual pay for female House GOP staffers and a difference of about $1,400 for female House Democrat staffers, the survey finds.

    What great news for liberals! They're not quite as antiquated and wrong-headed as those guys who keep trying to make abortion illegal and do away with female birth control! Way to go!

    The survey notes there is a "gender disparity in high-level congressional jobs" that can partly explain the pay gaps. For example, it breaks down the gender ratio of congressional chiefs of staff, finding men outnumber women in each chamber and party in that role. It also finds larger numbers of men in presumably higher-paying leadership offices, "especially among Republicans."

    Oh! So it's not all just that women are getting paid less money for the same jobs that men are doing. Well, I mean, that's a lot of the problem, but it's not all of it. All of the problem would be monstrous. Most of it is simply horrific. And we can all live with horrific, right?

    It's such a relief to know that a sizable chunk of this problem is that half of the people in this world are automatically viewed by both political parties as being less capable for no reason other than the make and model of their genitals.

    They should have led the article with this news! We wouldn't have gotten so concerned.

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