• Can Anthony Weiner Rise Again?

    On the heels of reports that Anthony Weiner is considering a run for New York City mayor next year, sources have told Tablet Magazine that Weiner's real target in 2013 is the city's public advocate job, which could pave the way for a mayoral campaign in 2017.

    You may best remember the Queens Democrat for his fiery speeches on the House floor. No? Okay, you remember him for bravely dragging the Democratic Party into the 21st century of sexual indiscretion by using Twitter to send pictures of his crotch to a Seattle woman, before resigning after a flaccid — and completely unnecessary – cover-up.

    Speculation about Weiner's future plans arose thanks to campaign finance statements showing his account engorged with $4.5 million dollars, continued campaign disbursements for office rental and sources who say the former congressman is "desperate" to re-erect his political reputation. The latter appears to be a trial balloon lofted by Weiner confidantes, who will look to see whether the rumors remain aloft or deflate amid mockery of his ambitions. Or perhaps he misread the elected office as reading, "Pubic Advocate," for which he's plenty qualified.

    Much will depend on the sloganeering Weiner chooses to deploy alongside his campaign war chest. Will he go with "Weiner 2013: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet?" Or aim directly for higher office and adopt the jingle suggested by one Twitter user, "My Weiner has a first name, it's M-A-Y-O-R?"

    And remember: If you see Weiner punning that lasts for more than four paragraphs of coverage, you should consult the next blog post, because even I know there's only so much you can handle.

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