• Ron Paul Blocked From GOP Convention Ballot

    As of this weekend, there was still a slim chance that Ron Paul could be guaranteed a speaking role at the Republican National Convention, proving that although Paul believes in freedom, we will never be free of his rambling about Austrian economics.

    Republican Party rules hold that any candidate receiving a plurality of delegates in at least five states will get their name on the ballot at the national convention and get a 15-minute speaking slot. Paul has been teetering on the edge of meeting those requirements, having captured delegate pluralities Iowa, Maine, and Minnesota — all states in which delegates are not bound to support the winner of the statewide of vote — while also winning contested state conventions in Louisiana and Massachusetts.

    Unfortunately for the Ronulans, when the Republican establishment doesn't win contemporaneously, it wins retroactively. In Massachusetts, Paul supporters from have been blocked from attending the national convention, even after promising they would vote for Romney on the first round of balloting.

    That left Nebraska as Paul's last, best hope to secure a fifth delegation. It didn't go so well. Paul only won two of the 35 delegates up for grabs, in a process marked by rampant cheating  reasonably good administration. Laura Ebke of Nebraska's Republican Liberty Caucus had the first hand account

    We believe that it was a clean convention. Perhaps not ideal processes, but pretty good, and fair. We just got beat — they organized, too, and we didn't have the numbers.

    You know things are bad when Ron Paul can't even be elected president in the world of the Daily Paul forums, let alone in reality.

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