• The Moderately Smart VP Betting Money Is on Tim Pawlenty

    If you're looking to make a lot of money really fast, then… I don't know what to tell you. I heard those bath salt things are kind of popular these days. Maybe look into that?


    If you're looking to make a not-huge but respectable amount of money in a month or so, then now is the time to put all your money into Tim Pawlenty futures!

    Earlier today, I was working on a different version of this post, in which I had so many hilarious jokes and insightful things to say (you'll just have to take my word for it) about how the GOP vice-presidential race was looking like a dead heat between Pawlenty and Rob Portman on the Intrade online betting market. But in just the time it took for me to write that post, everything changed, and Pawlenty leapt ahead to a near 10 percentage point lead…

    So, what happened? What changed in that short span of time to suddenly make Pawlenty such a more enticing and exciting candidate than Portman? Did he get a haircut? Did he find a $5 bill on the ground outside an Arby's? Did somebody finally get around to reading about his intoxicating "down-to-earth appeal" in the New York times? Who knows!

    All I do know is that you'd be a fool to waste any more time in jumping aboard the Tim Pawlenty train going woot! woot! all the way to the bank! Don't chance it. You could be one pressed shirt away from finding yourself priced out of this golden opportunity.

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