• Mitt Romney Ad Pulled Down for Copyright Violation

    In what will surely be remembered as "The Great Battle of Putting Out Ads Featuring Your Opponent Singing," we now have a clear and undeniable winner. Well, it was pretty clear who the winner in this battle was before, but now it's much more undeniable who the loser is

    A major record label has forced YouTube to pull a Mitt Romney campaign ad featuring a snippet of President Barack Obama singing Al Green’s "Let's Stay Together."…

    BMG Rights Management, one of the world’s largest music publishing companies, filed a request with YouTube to pull the ad down under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A Romney spokesman told the Huffington Post their use of "Let's Stay Together" qualified as fair use, and would work to get the ad back up.

    Actually, I believe that the Romney campaign is correct here. That was like, 0.07 seconds of the full song. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as fair use. But, if I were a staffer in Massachusetts I wouldn't bother with the effort. It wasn't a very good ad to begin with. Unless they have  inside numbers that show American voters today hate sweet and soulful emoting.

    And it's also not all that surprising that this happened. Republican candidates are constant having their campaign and advertisement musical choices denied to them by those long-haired West Coast America-haters. What does hurt though is that this came from BMG. A corporation! One of Romney's people!

    So, what about Obama's ad? Can Romney sic one of his other corporation friends on the Chicago campaign staff? Who owns the rights to "America the Beautiful" anyway?

    Obama’s ad is safe from attempts to pull it down. Since “America the Beautiful” was published before 1923, it’s in the public domain.

    Socialism! Once again, Obama uses the power invested in him by John Lennon and Richard Marx to wriggle out of accountability.

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