• Rush Limbaugh on the "So-Called Victims" of Unemployment

    People are always wondering why Rush Limbaugh is continually being held up as an exemplar of human decency. Why his name is constantly being mentioned alongside such inspirational figures as Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Gandhi. Why he has earned a place in the shared of of humanity as an example of the finest that humankind has to offer.

    It's hard to say exactly, but it might be because of quotes like this

    "The sad truth is that employment is not pivotal… No job, no employment, no pain. For a whole heck of a lot of people whose expectations for themselves are not very high… There are no jobs, and yet they’re still eating. I’m telling you, there's a new reality out there… Because it's not resulting in that much pain, not nearly as much as it used to… The so-called victims of the unemployment circumstance are not suffering as unemployed people in the past did."

    There's a special place in Heaven for men like him. I'm sure of it.

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