• 2012 Ugliest Election Since Candidates Stopped Shooting Each Other

    Have you happened to notice the unusually pleasant and cordial tone being struck by both political parties this election season?

    Really, you have? Then I'm sorry to tell you this but you're exhibiting signs of a stroke, and you should get to a hospital right away!

    With only 16 weeks until the November election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are on track to fuel one of most negative presidential campaigns in recent history — whether voters want it or not.

    According to Kantar Media, which tracks political advertising, 89% of Obama’s ads in recent weeks featured an anti-Romney message, while 94% of Romney’s ads critiqued Obama.

    Past campaigns have featured their fair share of punches, but 2012 is setting an unprecedented tone.

    Why so bad this year? Is this a matter of Cold War-type escalation? Is it because today's jaded voters seem to be unperturbed by — and maybe even a little approving of – the grating negativity?

    Or is it because one of the candidates is an incumbent who went against pretty much everything he campaigned on four years ago and is currently presiding over the worst economy in several generations, while the other can't mention any of his accomplishments as governor for fear of alienating his conservative base and can't mention his business experience because he doesn't want to alienate everybody else, so the only thing left to do is throw feces at one another?

    Who's to say?

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