• Election Officials Keep Trying to Kill Florida Woman

    Florida primary As election officials across the country conduct purges of their voter rolls, some are wondering if the extra resources dedicated to voter suppression are really worth it. After all, can't election officials completely screw up the voter rolls without being part of any special program for purging ineligibles from registration lists? In Florida, the answer is yes, they can.

    Take the case of Connie Smith, a 61 year old voter, who received the following notice from her local Supervisor of Elections

    "This letter is to inform you that the person named above has been removed from the Orange County vote rolls after we received notification of their death."

    It wasn't the first time election officials had tried to off her. She received a similar letter in 2008, prompting a six-month ordeal during which she had to convince a slew of government agencies of her continued existence.

    Florida does have an acute zombie problem that requires taking extra precaution. What if Ms. Smith had been lying about her status as living, breathing human? The only way to fix the situation would be to show a  "non-death" certificate, which is exactly what Smith obtained from the Florida Department of Health following her original expulsion from the voter rolls.  It states that there is no record of her death.

    Unfortunately, that document did little to dissuade State and Orange County elections from declaring her deceased once again. Next time, she better ask for the long-form non-death certificate.

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