• Ann Romney May Not Have Said "You People"

    Ever see that picture that looks like a young woman with her head turned and an old, witchy lady? That feeling of illusion is what many people who were angered by Ann Romney's "you people" comment felt after reading this article and ABC's statement, that claim that she actually didn't say what everybody thinks she said.

    I watched this video yesterday having been told she said it, and heard "you" multiple times. Then I watched it after being told she didn't say it, and couldn't say I did. This is the sort of thing science can't explain, like magnets and why puppy breath smells like the laughter of children.

    Regardless, there's no argument Romney said all the other things in this interview that left viewers scratching their heads. Example: Does a candidate who refuses show us his tax returns look like a man who wants to hide something? Shortest answer? Yes.

    In closing…

    Mitt Romney's estimated 2011 tax liability: 3.2 million dollars.

    Ann Romney's face at the 1:13-1:16 mark: Priceless.

    Photo by Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images

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