• Cast of "The Wire" to Headline Obama Fundraiser

    In what is no doubt part of a physics experiment being conducted by CERN scientists to determine what happens when the most annoying segments of American society — pro-Obama liberals and diehard fans of The Wire* – combine into one insufferable mass of bourgeois white people, the Obama Victory Fund is holding a fundraiser with the cast of the HBO show on Martha's Vineyard.

    Scheduled for August 15, tickets run from $500 to $2,500 a person and won't include seeing the President, who is not scheduled to attend.

    Though there's incongruence to an expensive fundraiser being thrown at an exclusive vacation spot being thematically associated with a show set in the bleak urban dystopia of West Baltimore, it's somehow apt.

    The Wire explored how large institutions serve themselves at the expense marginalized individuals while devouring the reformers who hope to make marginal changes in the system. That happens to be the story of the Obama administration's first term.  The Wire is a searing critique of America's drug war. The Obama administration is a key actor in prolonging America's drug war. A few Wire plot-lines explore the corrupting influence of money and politics… and this is a $500 fundraiser. Aren't these parallels uplifting?

    But also, "…is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?" Totally, the Obama administration policy on governmental transparency, so maybe the President is taking the lessons of his favorite show to heart.


    * I am one of you people, relax.

    Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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