• Have U.S. Voters Made Up Their Minds?

    There are currently hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars sitting in campaign bank accounts just waiting to be spent on TV ads, viral videos, bumper stickers, funny hats, disingenuous robo-calls and unflattering bobblehead dolls, all in the hopes that a few fence-sitting voters might be shaken loose to tip the scales in favor of one power-hungry millionaire over the other power-hungry millionaire.

    Have you ever wondered, though, how much those cartoonish piles of money can affect a presidential campaign? According to some reports, not all that much

    [A] growing number of political scientists and campaign consultants — backed by the latest polling data – think the daily campaign back-and-forth is having no significant effect on voters.

    Most Americans have locked in their presidential decisions, polls released Thursday suggested, and the already small number of persuadable voters shrinks by the hour. Put another way: America could vote for president next week, and the outcome would probably be the same as it will be in November.

    Sure, but then we would miss out on more than three more months worth of exciting electoral news coverage! Exciting depressing electoral news coverage! Exciting depressing heart-wrenchingly cynical electoral news coverage! Exciting depressing heart-wrenchingly cynical punch-your-television-in-the-face-inducing electoral news coverage!

    Plus, Tim Pawlenty hasn't even had a chance to say anything stupid yet. There's still so much to look forward to!!!

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