• Mitt Romney Fails to Secure Hugo Chavez Endorsement

    Endorsements carry little weight, especially in a general election where most voters make their decisions based on long-standing partisan preferences, not the signals of endorsing elites. Still, for Mitt Romney, this one has to hurt

    [Hugo] Chavez, who is up for re-election a month before U.S. President Barack Obama, has in recent weeks expressed a clear preference for the man currently in the White House.

    In a campaign speech Saturday night, Chavez equated the agenda of his challenger, Henrique Capriles, with that of Romney, saying both men represent the callously selfish capitalist elite.

    And here I though there was a real chance for Romney to make headway with the all-important Latin American strongmen who kind of look like a fat Jackie Chan demographic. They're a key voting block in Broward County!

    Chavez, who is probably part of a CIA experiment to see what would happen if you combine the paranoia of a Michele Bachmann with the policy preferences of the guy yelling about secret CIA experiments on your neighborhood street corner, had some kind words for Barack Obama. Chavez said Obama "deep down is a good guy, if you remove him from the context of being president of an empire," which is the kind of tepid endorsement normally reserved for Romney.

    Photo by Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images

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