• Barack Obama's Approval Rating Even Higher Than Jimmy Carter's

    Good news for the Obama campaign! His job approval numbers are… Well, they're not the lowest on record. And you've got to take your victories where you can get them

    Barack Obama averaged 46.8% job approval during his 14th quarter in office, marking a slight improvement from quarter 13. His quarterly average approval rating has improved at least slightly in each of the last three quarters after dipping to a low 41.0% in the 11th quarter…

    The recent and continuing improvement in his approval rating, though, is a positive sign for his re-election prospects, but it remains below the 50% level that virtually assures a president of a second term in office. Obama appears in much better shape now than the two recently elected presidents who were denied a second term — Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush — both of whom averaged below 40% approval their 14th quarters in office.

    You hear that? He has higher approval ratings than┬áJimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush! Both of them! That's… not nothing. It's sure as hell better than having worse approval ratings than┬áJimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, right?!

    Sure, he's not rating quite as high as iconic presidents like Richard Nixon (57.8%) and George W. Bush (47.9%). But, c'mon, isn't that setting the bar a little high?

    Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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