• Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on Controversial "Britain Is Inept" Stance

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney decided today to walk back his inexplicably-unpopular decision to criticize British government's ability to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Human people! How's a guy supposed to predict how their brain emotions will work?!

    U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney tried Thursday to quiet grumblings over comments that seemed to question Britain's readiness to host the Olympic Games, now saying he expects the games to be a success.

    After meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron at his Downing Street residence, the Republican told reporters he expects the games "to be highly successful." He said he and Cameron talked about the "great progress" that has been made in the games, which have been criticized for security woes and organization.

    I'm not sure whether this counts as a flip-flop, an acquiescence to a foreign power or a peace offering from one Anglo-Saxon to another.

    Photo by David Bebber/AFP/Getty Images

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