• Senate Dems Pass Middle Class Tax Cut So House GOP Can Kill It

    harry reidConsidering that Vice President Joe Biden was sent by the White House to preside of the Senate vote for the President's precious middle class break cut yesterday, you've got to assume they're counting it as important legislation. Especially so since the Democrats were actually able to get their shit together enough pass the bill 51 to 48. So, they must really see the value in lowering taxes for people who are struggling in these tim–

    Oh, wait. Sorry, I had a minor aneurism there. They must really see the value in this as a political cudgel

    The measure is dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House, where leaders are preparing to vote next week on their own plan to extend the George W. Bush-era tax cuts for households at every income level through 2013.

    But Democratic lawmakers said the Senate’s 51-48 vote is a political breakthrough that strengthens their election-year argument that Republicans are holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage in order to maintain breaks worth $160,000 a year to the average millionaire.

    "If House Republicans insist on blocking our middle-class tax cuts, that is a debate we are willing to have. That is a debate we welcome," Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a speech on the Senate floor. For more than a decade, Republicans "have conflated tax cuts for the middle class and tax cuts for the very wealthy. This bill breaks that vice."

    Yes, if House Republicans insist on blocking our middle class tax cuts — and I would like to see them try… Honestly. Give it a shot, House Republicans! It's really easy, just don't don't raise your hands when call the vote. I mean, like, come on, you know you wanna knock this one down. For real, right? I mean, come on! Our whole campaign strategy is banking on this. Don't fuck up our plans here! – that is a debate we are willing to have.

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