• Antonin Scalia: Watching the Supreme Court Will Make You Dumber

    Antonin Scalia

    If there's one thing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia likes, it's the Constitutional framers' original intent. Except for cases like women voting and desegregated schools — you know, popular stuff.

    But if there are two things Antonin Scalia likes, it's educating the American public. Which is why he refuses to let them watch the Supreme Court do its job

    Scalia told C-SPAN in an interview to air later this week that he opposes cameras in the court because he does not believe the American people will watch and understand the context of Supreme Court hearings…

    "…what most of the American people would see would be 30 second, 15 second take-outs from our argument, and those take-outs would not be characteristic of what we do, they would be uncharacteristic," he told C-SPAN.

    He's right: according to the FCC, news outlets are only allowed to broadcast 30 seconds of jowls at a time.

    But he's right about education too. We don't need the Supreme Court to learn about, say, health care reform. We're better off sticking with the Glenn Becks of the world. (Did you know not one Justice asked the White House counsel how Obamacare would apportion death panels by state?)

    Anyway, you can check out more things Scalia is right about when we watch his appearance on this week's "Fox News Sunday." Get our free app to join our live discussion/eye-rolling session.

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